Now this is imagination at work!

Here’s an interesting piece of imagination at work. I found this while browsing all things IKEA on Google; a wall made out of IKEA vases! Sounds crazy but you know something, it actually works! I can imagine the builder had fun gluing that lot together.

ikea murcia imagination at workikea spain imagination at work

The technique? Almost 500 rektangel vases in 2 sizes painted white inside then glued into place using an extra strong transparent glue!
Like I say, it works! I think I would use clear silicone however.
easy flatpax delivery service ikea spain imagination at work
The bathroom is unusually the central element in the house – it lights up with natural light in the daytime and has this warm glow you can see in the photos in the evening. It’s just wonderful, however I am not quite so sure about the bathroom having no door. Maybe the imagination at work wasn’t working by this time. Hmmm!
easy flatpax delivery service ikea murcia imagination at work

Would you dare to try something like this? would you allow your imagination at work to wander this far? Apart from the door problem, I would… Leave a comment in the blog or on the post on our Facebook post: easy flatpax facebook

easy flatpax shopping service ikea murcia imagination at work
Follow this link to the article: IKEA HACKERS  This website is a interesting community website of IKEA lovers who modify, ‘hack’ or use IKEA products for different uses to their intended ones.


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