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7 thoughts on “New IKEA Murcia Catalogue 2014

  • Annie S Post author

    I spoke on the phone to you last week and to another company asking for a brochure. I wanted to say I have it now and to thank you for your speedy response. Also, the others wanted to charge 5€ for it, whereas you sent me this one for free. Great service, and thanks again. My order is on its way!

  • Mia Johansson

    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the delivery to the apartment. Great service! I forgot to ask for a catalogue. If you have a spare one, next time you’re passing…?

    Mia & Sven

  • Pablo G

    Can you email me please. I have to make an order from IKEA Murcia as I need an apartment fitting out. I need a catalogue. Thanks