Dec 092013

IKEA Valencia gets 20,000 job applications for 400 jobs!

IKEA Valencia’s servers crash after huge flood of applications for jobs…

IKEA Valencia

Over 20,000 people recently applied for just 400 positions at the new IKEA Valencia store prior to it’s opening in Alfafar in Spain overwhelming the IKEA computer servers.

The IKEA Valencia outlet is due to open in the summer of 2014 in Alfafar, a small town in the Valencia region, and just outside the city of Valencia itself.

“We started accepting CV’s on Monday and our server collapsed. It wasn’t able to handle that many applications,” said an IKEA Spain spokesman. “We never expected so many job applications in such a short time. We beefed up the system with a new server, but that one also overloaded just a few hours later.” He continued “We were not expecting the sheer volume of applicants which turned out to be quadruple what IKEA has experienced in all their store openings in Spain.”

Whilst unemployment in Spain has fallen slightly (according to government statistics!)  in the last few months, there are still some 4.8 million people still without jobs.

Spain’s finance minister Luis de Guindos informed the Spanish people this week, that everyone was underestimating the “intensity” of the country’s recovery.

Official figures show the number of people registered unemployed in Spain fell by 2,475 in November, and this is the first time the numbers have dropped since the current statistical system was started in 1997.

Luis de Guindos said the drop was due to new jobs in construction and industry. “There’s a long way to go still,” he told reporters, adding that “more measures” were necessary.

As usual, events are telling different stories of the Spanish economy as it struggles to release itself from the economic crisis. Officials point to recent statistics, such as the 0.1% GDP growth recorded in the 3rd quarter of 2013 after more than two years of recession, as evidence that a recovery is underway.

In an upbeat signal, Moody’s raised Spain’s outlook from negative to stable, after a similar move by S&P.

Price Waterhouse Coopers reported that Spain’s unemployment rate will not fall below 6.8% before 2033. This is the rate which is the average of its European neighbours. They added that Spain will struggle to bring unemployment levels below 10% for at least fifteen years.


At least IKEA Valencia is making a start!

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