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Although the title is IKEA Spain – Fantastic Facts, the ‘fantastic facts’ refer to all IKEA stores worldwide. Some of these facts are simply mindblowing. For instance, I bet you never knew that each IKEA store saved 701,000 kWh of electricity, just by switching to a new energy saving lighting system.

ikea spain If you visited every IKEA Store in the world and spent a whole day there (taking Sunday off of course), it would take you more than a year! IKEA currently have 338 stores worldwide, including 15 under the IKEA Spain banner.

154,000 people worldwide are working either directly for IKEA stores or for the franchises.

IKEA occupies 9,479,500 retail square meters. This is equivalent to more than 1,000 London Olympic Stadia. Of this total, 589,900 square meters were added in 2012… so far!

IKEA’s total annual turnover across the world in 2012 was 27.5 billion euros. The largest markets in turnover terms were Germany, USA, France, Italy, Russia and Sweden.

ikea spain catalogue The 2013 IKEA catalogue was printed in 62 versions and 29 languages. This year augmented reality features were used for the first time and can be accessed by scanning the catalogue.

There were 45 versions of the IKEA catalogue available for download from within the 2012 ”IKEA Catalog” application. You can also view and download catalogues from the easy flatpax website link here.

There were an incredible 776 million IKEA store visits! This is equivalent to more than 1,400 visits every minute and more than 900,000 fully loaded Airbus A380 airplanes!

IKEA attracted 1.1 billion website visits This equals 2.9 million visits every day. This equates to 35 visits every second of every day! A line of 1.1 billion people would stretch more than eight times around the world!


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