The Famous IKEA Murcia Bag!

The IKEA Spain blue bag


 IKEA Murcia Delivery Service

Ikea murcia blue bageasy flatpax offer an IKEA Murcia delivery service direct from the store to your home, rental property or office, quickly and easily. easy flatpax have a dedicated and highly professional team providing a cost effective and stress-free shopping, delivery and assembly service for all your IKEA flat pack furniture needs.

Ikea spain blue bagWe have over 14 combined years of experience of shopping at IKEA, delivering and assembling their flat pack products in the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida regions – our IKEA Murcia Delivery service has been around for a long time and we’re proud of being good at it! No other local service can match this.

blue bag Ikea murcia spain You will find our on-line service cheaper and easier than hiring your own van or using the in-store delivery service and our unique price guarantee ensures our price is at least 10% cheaper than anywhere else. Remember, we never, ever cut corners, just the price.

blue bag Ikea murcia Beware of cheap imitations – Those with similar names but not a similar service level, and ‘man with van’ outfits who say they will do an IKEA Murcia delivery service for you, but please look out for what they don’t do!

The easy flatpax promise…

1. We will return unwanted items for FREE, and exchange damaged items for no charge whatsoever.

2. We will sort out any missing parts. We keep a huge range on the van, but if we haven’t got it, we’ll get it!

3. We are happy to exchange goods we have purchased for you if you change your mind. No extra charges!

4. We’ll keep out-of-stock items on a back-order list for you and will continue to check for stock at IKEA. We’ll then deliver them when available, liaising with you at every stage.

5. If something is out of stock on the day, we shop, we’ll call you from IKEA to offer alternative items.

6. You can call us on the day we are shopping for you to add more items, it’s no problem! Our telephone number is 96 647 0770.

7. Need information about IKEA Murcia store opening times etc.? We have all the information in English or Spanish you need, including opening times, telephone numbers and addresses

great blue bag Ikea murcia spain All the above is included in our standard pricing so call/email now for more details or to place your order.


Who wants problems?

IKEA shop

Shopping Problems?

  • “…I spent an hour trying to find someone to help but couldn’t find what I wanted…”
  • “…I had to push and shove my way round the store. The crowds were horrendous”
  • “I couldn’t lift the boxes…no-one to help”
  • “…it took me an hour to get through the tills!”
  • “…After a whole day, tolls, fuel and hot-dogs, my dining table was out of stock!”

Shopping at IKEA can be a real strain. Especially if they are really crowded. Let easy flatpax do this for you while you sit back and relax.

IKEA es deliveries

Transport Problems?

  • “…I carried everything, now I have a bad back…”
  • “…The final straw – I got the last box in, closed the boot and broke the windscreen”
  • “I ended up renting a van which cost 150€, and I had to go back for my car. All in all, an expensive sofa.”
  • “…When I added it all up, easy flatpax were cheaper by far”
  • “…It took me 3 hours carrying it all up 3 stories…never again.”

It’s so much easier to look on line and then let easy flatpax take the strain

muebles IKEA

Assembly Problems?

  • “…my Pax wardrobe door was damaged so I had to take it back…”
  • “…it would have been cheaper to get the professionals in”
  • “…I missed an instruction and had to take the whole thing apart and rebuild it”
  • “…Two of those metal screw things were missing. Yet another trip…”
  • “…I’m no good at DIY. Why on earth did I think I could do this”

We will return damaged items for you for free, but we carry a huge range of spares on the van. Let easy flatpax do the assembly for you, then there’s no worries whatsoever!

IKEA on-line

Everything else we do

  • We design and build IKEA kitchens and bathrooms. We hang mirrors and pictures
  • We fit shelves and we wire in IKEA lights
  • We assemble furniture from other stores, not just IKEA products
  • We furnish whole apartments. Call us with your budget and we’ll quote
  • We buy anything the store sells, including non-perishable foodstuffs etc

We furnish whole apartments, liaising with key holders for absentee Owners/Landlords, if needed. You don’t even need to be there! Let easy flatpax liaise between you and IKEA, and really do it all.

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