IKEA Kitchen Design

IKEA Kitchen Design the easy flatpax way!

easy flatpax ikea murcia kitchen designIt all starts with design. Not just any old design either. A bad IKEA kitchen design can leave you with a visually unappealing look, and an inefficient kitchen as well. If you are looking to improve your property, it makes sense to make sure the design of your IKEA kitchen design is perfect for your requirements. 

Maybe you’ve just bought your  new ‘place in the sun‘? Perhaps you don’t have the budget to make all the changes you want to your kitchen? Have a look through our gallery of the good, the bad and the downright ugly looking, contemporary kitchens – all of which cost less than 5,000 euros, the cheapest coming in at a meagre 600 euros. Many don’t even break the 2,500 euro barrier. Hopefully, this picture gallery will give you some kitchen design ideas of what to look for, and perhaps more importantly, what not to look for!

Don’t worry if these don’t get the creative juices flowing, leave it to the easy flatpax IKEA kitchen design team. We’re sure to come up with something which not only fits your budget, but will be the envy of your friends and family! We use a combination of the IKEA on-line kitchen designer software. However, we have learned over many years of experience, to input our own flair into the kitchen design and build. Software is NOT the be-all and end-all of the design process. With easy flatpax, if you want to make changes along the way, it’s no problem. With ALL other designers, changes cost money in terms of design and transport to get, exchange new parts etc. With easy flatpax, this is not the case. As we go to IKEA on average, three times a week anyway, we can pick up any extras at that time. We do not charge for this service. You only pay the difference in the cost of items. This is a great option to bear in mind, which no-one else can offer!

Asking us to come and design your new dream kitchen, doesn’t cost the earth… in fact, it doesn’t cost anything! Yes, we will come to you, and design your new kitchen for free. There’s no obligation to buy from us either! How can we offer this when all others charge? We are so confident you will like our designs, price and service, we happily do this for free. We usually take two to three days to complete the installation to an existing tiled wall and floor. Tiling does take more time, of course, but we will give you an accurate timing on your project. We work around your schedule with the least disturbance possible, and our final objective is knowing you are entirely satisfied with our work.

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