Is there an IKEA Jávea?

IKEA Javea - Aerial viewXàbia (Valencian) or Jávea (Spanish) is a coastal town in the administrative subdivision of Marina Alta, in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. The answer is no. Unfortunately, there is no IKEA Jávea at the present time. However the town is well served by easy flatpax so in essence, IKEA is brought to Jávea, which means residents of Jávea have no need to make the long journey to Murcia

Jávea is situated behind a wide bay and is completely sheltered between two mountainous headlands.  Jávea has become a very popular small but growing seaside holiday destination.

arenalXàbia/Jávea lies to the north of the province of Alicante, and is on the furthest point east of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Ibiza, one of the Balearic islands is only 90 km to the east, and can be seen from Jávea on clear days, particularly from the road leading over Montgó to Denia. Most of the flat, fertile land inland, is used for growing citrus (oranges and lemons) and olive trees. There are four capes to Jávea‘s coastline. Cap de la Nau (the largest), Cap Negre, Cap Martí and Cabo de San Antonio.

IKEA Javea - MontgoThe Montgó, which stands between Xàbia/Jávea and lies to the north of Jávea, is over 750m high and is the highest mountain in the region. It can clearly be seen from the Xàbia/Jávea side that it looks remarkably like an elephant, with a cave in just the right position for the eye and the trunk stretching down to to the sea. Montgó was declared a national park in 1987, and it stretches across the area from La Plana to the cape of Sant Antoni.

So don’t panic just because there is no IKEA Jávea, easy flatpax can shop, deliver and build all your IKEA Furniture! It’s just like having your very own IKEA Jávea!

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