Apr 202013

IKEA in Spain – Meatballs!

IKEA in Spain has begun selling meatballs again in all it’s restaurants based within its Spanish stores. This follows a recent withdrawal due to the possibility of horse meat being discovered in them after the ongoing horse meat scandal across Europe. This contamination was unknown to IKEA and they reacted swiftly to remove all items from their stocks, both within the restaurants and in their food halls.

IKEA in Spain - Meatballs

IKEA store chiefs confirmed that those meatballs which are now for sale contain only pork and beef and that they have reduced the quantity of suppliers in the production chain to enable much closer monitoring.

Two DNA tests are now involved in the production of IKEA meatballs which guarantees that no meat from horses ever gets into them.

The first test is carried out at the beginning on the raw meats and the second test relates to the completed product.

IKEA in Spain assures us that customers in its restaurants in its fifteen Spanish stores throughout Spain – and those thoughout the world – can now have total confidence in the ingredients of IKEA’s meatballs.

IKEA in Spain and the rest of the world withdrew meatballs from menus after discovering minute traces of horsemeat in the Czech Republic As you are probably aware this has also been discovered in many other meat products throughout Europe, causing a widespread scandal and distress.

Ikea of course, is primarily famous for its flat packed ready-to-assemble furniture. It also does a rather nice business selling speciality foodstuffs in its retail stores throughout the world. This includes there store restaurants and food halls. Food sales alone brought in $1.72 billion to the IKEA coffers in 2012, according to the Journal.

We at easy flatpax are delighted with the final outcome. IKEA meatballs are one of our favourites at IKEA and we are so glad they are back on sale!

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