Nov 122012

easy flatpax and another day at our favourite shop

IKEA in Murcia!

Yes you guessed it, we went to IKEA in Murcia today and I bumped into a nice English gentleman who told me this apparently true story…

The UK Labour Government of recent note, was advising low income families and homeless people, particularly those on benefits, to spend their days in their local Ikea stores rather than be wandering aimlessly on the streets or even worse, drinking in the pub.

Gordon Brown laughing at IKEA in Murcia?“You can eat as much as you want and drink tea and coffee there all day for less than a quid” said heir apparent to the throne, the one and only Prime Minister Gordon Brown “those Swede chappies are damned clever – first they give us Abba, then Volvos now they are helping us keep the streets clean!”

With a pretty good cooked breakfast at £1.65 and free tea and coffee for loyalty card holders, the industrial-sized furniture store has, by some kind of Dr Who style metamorphosis, transformed itself into a surreal social club for the homeless and those with nothing to do.

IKEA admits that this Saturday they expect a BILLION (we think they meant a million!) people to attend their stores in the UK – where the middle class (who will be severely outnumbered) will search endlessly for self assembled furniture and will ‘mingle’, if that is the right word, with the needy in search of free coffee, cheap hot dogs and 10 meatballs in a weird sauce.

On Saturday, to add to the fun and games, there will be 21% off everything and even the hot dogs will be just 21p, which is a bargain not to be missed for anything.

“While that will benefit some others will end up frustrated, but who cares” said the most diplomatic Prime Minister in an aside, and on-line to the world via Skype. “I know IKEA are helping out the country, what with building these massive shelters and community like stores but I’ll be honest – I hate building this stuff – it always ends up wobbly and really – lets be frank here – it’s cheap and cheerful shite really – it ain’t nothing special is it? It’s just, well, Swedish”

One customer who hit the nail on the head – unlike the other nail – on Sunday – when he hit his thumb with a hammer stated “I prefer MI5”

Confused or what???

I like to think this is a true story! Bizarre but true, oh yes, definitely…

…Oh and by the way, the shop at IKEA in Murcia went well, we loaded the van from to back, top to bottom (not in that order of course!) and the two passengers had to sit on piles of boxes!
Another day packed with fun at IKEA in Murcia!

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