Feb 232013

Yes! easy flatpax fits IKEA bathrooms as well

We also fit all the bathroom lights, cabinets, mirrors, shelving units, etc. We can also tile and plumb in your white appliances and change/update power cabling. We also work closely with specialists in different areas in case you would like something unusual doing.

Treat yourself! Here are some ideas:

Ikea bathrooms




This stylish bathroom combines old fashioned tiling and roll top bath with the simplicity of IKEA furniture. The overall finish effect is pretty and workable. We love this style!

ikea bathrooms


ikea bathrooms







This style shows how much space for storage you have in even the smallest bathroom. It’s amazing to think there’s even the space for a washing machine in this one!









This is more of a traditional looking bathroom, again showing storage can be there in a small space.





If you are thinking of updating your bathroom, you just must be looking at the style and value for money offered by

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