Jun 192013

IKEA is to open a new store in Alicante in 2014, according to the Mayor of Alicante, Sonia Castedo. The deal has been finalised apparently, even though there have been many unfavourable reports on the prefered site at Rabasa.

IKEA Alicante

The Mayor of Alicante is reported to have said that IKEA Alicante will be opening its doors for trade in the city in 2014. She added that the Swedish multinational would be located at Rabasa, and that the whole deal ‘is already done’.

Building is expected  to begin in the Spring of this year (2013) and the doors will open in 2014. The Mayore told Onda Cero radio that it was IKEA in Spain who chose this site, and made the point that the two unfavourable reports on the location from the Ministry for Development, and the CHJ Júcar Water Board, ‘have found a solution’

The new IKEA store in Alicante is expected to generate up to 5 million customer per year according to the city’s Association of Traders.

Many have said that the opening of a new IKEA store in Alicante will be a good thing because it will ‘generate  much employment and enrich the city’.

With respect to the creation of approximately 2,200 jobs IKEA is expected to sign an agreement to say that it will recruit its employees mainly from the city of Alicante.
All political parties have given their support to IKEA coming to Alicante.

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