Sep 122011

Big Strong Boys – an easy flatpax post!

It is Monday 15th August morning and I still have to finish this easy flatpax post when all around me, they’re all still working flat out in the office; we’ve been here pretty much all weekend. I’m sure we’ll get some sleep eventually…
We definitely told ourselves we’d have the evening off today but we still have clients orders to process before we can get to that certain bar with a lager with my name on it…! We originally wrote about this on an easy flatpax post on Blogspot dated 15th August 2011. For those who have already read this, sorry! For those who missed it, well, here it is again…
I’m sure that later we will get away for an hour or so– we need to freshen up for a full week ahead. Today’s a fiesta day (always a day when it’s almost impossible to work properly, one day soon, I’d guess these fiestas will come to a sticky end. Its part of spain’s culture and will be a shame, but I can see it coming.
I digress! Tomorrow we’re back down shopping in IKEA Murcia with a vengeance!! Sofas seem to be in demand a lot now and it’s a good job we’ve got some big strong boys on hand to help!
If you have an urgent order, we’ll always fit you in somehow. We are magicians at that and have never let anyone down yet! We have no intentions of doing that, either!
If you’re only in your holiday home for a week or two, no problem, we sometimes do two shops in a day!
Also, don’t forget, if you are reading this from abroad, we liase with key holders on your behalf, ensuring the job gets done with no hassle to you.
Call Loria or Lucia on 96 647 0770 and, as always, we’ll do our very best for you.
Loria, Andrew and all the team at easy flatpax.

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