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This page is all about YOU and your ‘frequently asked questions’

Our aim is to ensure your experience of us, and of IKEA Valencia is the best we can provide. We hope we have included a concise and comprehensive list of frequently asked questions you may have. If there is anything missing here, please contact us and we will include it on the frequently asked questions page.

Q “How do I choose what I want?” We recommend either the IKEA online catalogue or the IKEA  paper catalogue. If you need help with this, do ask us. We provide this service totally free

Q “Do I need to go to IKEA?” No, we do all the shopping for you. We are more than happy to meet you there however, if you wish.

Q “I don’t like this IKEA item, will you take it back?” Yes, we will do this for you for a small charge, provided the item is less than three months old, you still have the receipt and original packaging. Please note, we have a 30€ minimum charge for returning items not bought by us originally.

Q “My IKEA items are damaged. Can you help me?” Yes, we’ll pick up from you, and get them exchanged at IKEA Valencia and deliver back to you for free.

Q “Some of the furniture items you will build for me needs fixing to walls. Can you help me?” Yes, we can do this for you. Obviously there is an extra small charge involved. We DON’T do this as a matter of course as most people like to move their furniture to get exactly the right position, before fixing. We strongly recommend even if you don’t ask us to do it, you do fix all tall items such as wardrobes, and any items with drawers to the wall, for safety reasons.

Q “I have some items to take away. Can you help?” Yes, we can remove unwanted items of furniture IF we have room in the van. Because we have to remove unwanted items to a local approved eco council tip, we make a minimum charge of 70€ for this service. If an item is exceptionally heavy we may charge more for extra labour. Please ask via our contact form for a quote. Please also be aware your local council may take items for free, which can be a better option for you.

Q “There are some missing pieces?” We carry a range of fixing spares on the van which we can normally help you with. For larger pieces, we will organise this with IKEA Valencia and deliver back to you, all for free.

Q “Which IKEA store do you shop at?” We shop regularly at the IKEA Valencia store.

Q “What happens if something I order is out of stock?” We shop at IKEA Valencia at least twice a week. We attempt to get your items for at least three weeks. If we are then still unable to fulfil your order, we then liaise with you to see what you wish to do.

Q “Are you part of IKEA in any way?” No, we are a wholly independent business, not affiliated with IKEA.

Q “I want to furnish a whole apartment and also need some IKEA sofas. Can you do this?” Yes of course. We provide an advisory service dependent upon the eventual use of the apartment. As an example, furniture for home use is not always suitable for holiday letting use. We can also advise on small items such as cutlery etc. This service is free. See also our Furniture Packages page.

Q “Can you remove all the cardboard waste when delivering to us?” We provide this service totally free if you use our assembly service. Unfortunately we cannot take cardboard or other waste as we can only tip at authorised tips. Also, as we will be on deliveries, waste can severely affect our efficiency. The good news is that as an individual, you can take cardboard, plastics and other waste items to your local bins for free.

Q “I don’t live in Spain. The keys to my villa are held by a key-holder. Is this a problem?” No, We are happy to liaise with key-holders and get the job done while you are away from Spain.

Q “I live outside your standard zone. Can you still help?” Again we would be more than happy to help. Please contact us for a quote.

Q “I am an estate agent. Can you put together a range of furniture packages for my clients?” Yes, of course. We work with many agents, compiling furniture packages tailored to suit individual needs from both quality and pricing viewpoints. Again, contact us for more details. See also our Furniture Packages page.

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