Our Environmental Awareness Statement

Our commitment to the environmental awareness and preservation is reflected throughout our business.

EASY FLATPAX ES Recycle logo easy flatpax‘s dedication to unleashing the power of human creativity has driven us to become the undisputed leader in shopping for, delivery of  and assembly, of all flat pack furniture products in Spain. In line with our overall business strategy is a total commitment to our Environmental Awareness Statement.

easy flatpax has become the service of choice, enabling clients from within Spain, but particularly from other countries, to furnish their homes with ease.

By the nature of the business, much waste product is generated through packaging which can be broken down into three main constituent parts:

environmental awareness - paper and cardboard waste Corrugated cardboard and paper packaging products

environmental awareness - plastic waste Plastics, including wrappings, pallet bases etc

environmental awareness - metal waste Metal products such as small tools, excess fixings etc


We Are Committed!

Our commitment to environmental awareness and preservation is reflected throughout our business.

easy flatpax and it’s owners and staff are fully committed to conducting business in a manner that manages environmental issues responsibly. We fulfil this commitment by:

  • Complying with Spain’s local and national environmental regulations
  • Conducting waste disposal operations in an environmentally sound manner
  • Applying the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all processes
  • Promoting environmental responsibility among our employees
  • Striving to ensure that suppliers agree to comply with environmental regulations
  • Pursuing continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • Clearly communicating easy flatpax’s environmental policy, practices, and impact to interested parties

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