Jan 022014

Back in 2008 along with the annual catalog, IKEA launched several software tools that can help you with the planning stage of redecorating. One of these tools is Bedvista which is available online or to download as an app for iPad. The online version contains the whole bedroom section of the IKEA catalog but the app version is much more limited but it is still very useful to picture what the finished product will look like.

You start off in a 3D view that is already set up but you can completely customize it by moving on to the second stage where you can add the dimensions of your bedroom and see which bedroom furniture would fit where and exactly how much space you would have left.

We tested it out and we were quite impressed- you get 4 styles to choose from (modern, Scandinavian, traditional and country) each style has different furniture.  You can change the bed, bedding, rug, wardrobe, bedside tables, chest of drawers/dressing table, curtains, even the walls (brick, wooden or various paint colours) and the floor! (Tiled or the laminate wooden effect flooring sold at IKEA)