Nov 252012

alexa the web information company

Alexa the web information company

Alexa the web information company produces results for all major websites for the world today. We have worked really hard to give the  easy flatpax website every chance to do well in the Alexa rankings. The results have been truly spectacular and we believe this reflects the effort we put in to our business. More than this however, the results which are way beyond even our wildest imaginings, reflect what our clients think of us and the service they receive from us.


So, it’s not just a big pat on the back for the easy flatpax team, it’s a huge thank you to all our clients, big and small, for the business they have chosen to give us. The choice of an IKEA shopping and delivery service is not a simple one…we know! When we first came to Spain in 2006, we actually decided to drive to IKEA ourselves, with the result we put 4 massive boxes on the roof of the car, and drove home at the princely speed of 50 kilometers per hour and a ride which should have taken 2 hours, took over 4. Luckily for us, we didn’t meet any nice Guardia or our method of transport would definitely have been questioned, with probably a hefty fine as well.

Alexa the web information company have proved to us the value of running the easy flatpax business in a professional way and have given us the ranking and proof that we can be proud of. Not only that, the ranking we have tells past, present and future clients that they are not just dealing with a man with a van outfit and that their furniture goods are safe and more to the point, their financial investment is secure.


Search Analytics for


What this means in real terms is this…


…Number of websites in the world today?


Well it’s a bit of a trick question, as there isn’t a definitive answer.

However, according to Netcraft (as at March 2012) there were 644 million active websites on the Internet.

Netcraft’s March 2012 website survey found 644,275,754 active websites, to be absolutely precise.

Over half a billion webites seems a lot of course, or at least it does to me! When we’re talking about the Internet though, it’s not quite as much as you would imagine there to be.

It won’t be this size for long as the internet is still expanding by leaps and bounds. The March numbers were up by 31.4 million (5.1%) over last month alone, which is incedible.

Plus, just under six million domain names were added to the Internet in the fourth quarter of 2011, bringing the total to 225 million domain names worldwide, (figures from VeriSign). Each domain name can refer to a single website or it can mean lots of them.

On this basis, our easy flatpax website to have reached Alexa the web information company rank number 476,460 in the world is a huge achievement. It means…

[box title=”we are in the top” color=”#CC3366″] 0.074% of all websites in the world…[/box]


Our thanks to Alexa The Web Information Company for providing this service

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