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Take time with easy flatpaxIn trying to understand how time works, there is a huge question which has many sides to it. Einstein was the guy who introduced us all to space-time, a totally new concept which is hard to get your mind around. He also showed us how we actually measure time using clocks. The fact is though, the past is totally different from the future for some obvious, and other not so obvious reasons. We do understand and remember the past. What we have a real problem with is remembering the future. This is probably an irreversible process, certainly as we know it now. We know for instance that there are things that happen which are irreversible, such as turning an egg into an omelette, but you’d find it impossible to reverse that process.

Has anyone heard of ‘entropy‘? Well, neither had I until I read about it. It is a measure of how disorderly, things are, and can become, seemingly without our input. If you stack papers on your office desk in a neat pile, and walk away, you are not surprised they turn into a mess next time you come back, however you would be extremely surprised if you had left a mess of papers, only to return to a neat pile. This is known as ‘entropy’. Entropy increases as things become messier.

There’s this guy Boltzmann, an 1870’s Austrian physicist who understood all this. In fact he first came up with this theory and he showed us how entropy is related to the ‘arrow of time‘. One thing that he failed to pass on though, was why the universe was so ‘neatly stacked’ to begin with. The universe, as we know it, started about 13.7 billion years ago (how do they know this?). At that time, everything was in a state of almost perfect order, or exquisitely low entropy. So basically, the universe is like some kind of wind up toy which is getting messier as time goes on (for the last 13.7 billion years) and presumably will get so messy that there is zero order, or nothing!

My question at the end of all this though is why did it start, how did it start? And what was the Big Bang all about?

 Take time with the big bang and easy flatpax

While you ponder on this, the one thing I can tell you is that easy flatpax’s delivery times, although admittedly not faster than the speed of light, are rather neat and very, very fast indeed!

Take a bit of ‘time‘ out to check these interesting clocks.


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