Furniture From IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia delivered and assembled – at great prices!

Ikea shopping service delivery area

Everyone knows IKEA sells stylish and innovative home furnishings at very affordable prices. Shopping for their products however can be an incredibly stressful experience! The easy flatpax delivery area covers much of the Costa Blanca, with delivery outside of our standard area also possible, subject to confirmation. So why not let us provide your IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia shopping, delivery and assembly service for you and remove that stress completely.

No more trying to track down IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia shopping information for opening times and item availability etc. No more hassle driving hours to get there and back. No more crowds, checkout queues and hauling heavy boxes around (have you seen the size of those Pax wardrobes?!!) No more struggling to fit it all in your car. No more finding that when you get to IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia the items you really wanted are now out of stock. And no more having to go back and do it all over again when something is missing or damaged!

Then when you’ve finally got your IKEA flatpack furniture home, you decide you want to change something… Or you want to send something back… You are faced with yet another trip back to IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia with all the costs and stresses repeated all over again!

Don’t worry – help is at hand. Simply Check out IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia’s website, choose the items you want, and then let easy flatpax take your order, shop at IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia for you, and deliver to your home, right into the room you want it in. We’ll even build it all for you if you want, with our highly professional flatpack furniture assembly service. For us, it really is that EASY! We have all the right equipment, vans, and all the tools and muscle required…

…oh, and don’t forget the brains as well!

Shopping on the Costa Blanca for your IKEA furniture doesn’t need to be difficult! Call us and we can show you how we provide a totally relaxed shopping experience for you Mobile (+34) 674 697 717 or Land line (+34) 96 575 7056

Check out our service in more detail:

Features easy flatpax Competition
1. Cheapest shopping and delivery prices – and that’s guaranteed! IKEA Murcia - easy flatpax have the cheapest shopping and delivery prices by at least 10% and that's guaranteed! cross
2. NO large items surcharage cross
3. There are NO hidden extras with our prices cross
4. We honour our quoted assembly prices so no nasty shocks! cross
5. We go to IKEA regularly, so no long waits for your order to arrive IKEA Murcia - There are NO hidden extras with easy flatpax prices cross
6. We continue to shop for out of stock items until you tell us not to IKEA Murcia - easy flatpax for the best quality assembly service cross
7. If something is damaged or missing, we sort it for free ikea murcia - easy flatpax go shopping in murcia at least twice a week cross
8. We will liaise with key holders if you don’t live in Spain ikea murcia - We shop at IKEA Murcia or IKEA Valencia at least twice a week. We attempt to get your items for at least three weeks. If we are then still unable to fulfil your order, we then liaise with you to see what you wish to do cross
9. Our standard Area is from Gandia to Villajoiosa ikea murcia - easy flatpax - If something is damaged or missing, we sort it out for free. Others Charge for this! cross
10. We have been shopping at IKEA for over 6 years easy flatpax -ikea murcia - easy flatpax - we will liaise with key holders if you don't live in Spain cross
11. We’ll happily shop at other stores as well as IKEA ikea murcia - easy flatpax will deliver an IKEA catalogue direct to you, if we can get one! cross
12. One stop shop. We really do absolutely everything for you! ikea murcia - easy flatpax's standard area is from Valencia to Mazarron cross
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