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          時間:2013/5/15 22:04:17 來源:啟達廣告標識(qida ad.) 作者:啟達

          Effect of LED luminous characters resin luminance factor to have?
          LED luminous characters resin is a new type of advertising material, advertising is a form of expression of words;
          it comes into being profiting from LED module packaging, as well as the characteristics of resin adhesive.
          As we all know, advertising words most of solid material, the metal and nonmetal, but not before forming resin in
          the liquid, which is formed by a variety of chemical index combination solid.
          Resin is this seemingly simple but not simple made. Then the influence of brightness we LED luminous characters
          resin by what factors? First, we naturally think of
          Must be LED light source, we open up advertising logo strict control of its chips in light source manufacturers
          and packaging processing plant; followed by LED resin, the resin glue on the market.
          Bad uneven, we see a lot of yellowing, cracking. This is mainly resin problems, in addition to hard targets, but
          also test the master technology and personal qualities. Staff
          Training and procurement source materials is especially important in resin light-emitting words. Our company
          standard factory is located in Xintang Industrial Park, welcome to visit the place an order.
          業務聯系:啟達廣告標識  020-22007056  13926053088  13926040688 夏紫宴
          Business contact: QDAD advertising 020-22007056 13926053088 13926040688 Xia Ziyan
          We specialize in: LED resin luminous characters, LED plastic luminous characters, LED punching luminous
          characters, LED back lighting luminous characters, LED acrylic luminous characters, LED font signboard

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