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ikea katalog a brozury IKEA KATALOG A BROZURY ikea katalog a brozury

For your convenience, we have included the IKEA Katalog a Brozury here.If you would like to order from the catalogue, our order form can be found by clicking HERE. As always, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to call us on 96 647 0770.

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If you click on the page of the catalogue you are on, you can zoom in on the product you are interested in. To move from one page to another within the catalogue, you’ll see arrows on the left and right. Left mouse click on these and the pages will turn forward, or backwards. Above the top of the IKEA Catalogue, you’ll see an arrow pointing down. This opens a ‘quick navigation’ section if you click on it. On the left of this you will see a small circle on a line. Again, clicking on this with the left mouse button holding the click, you can drag to the right or left. This will take you to the page thumbnail box under the line which then opens the page. Below the title header you will also see an arrow pointing down and to the right. This opens the pages of the catalogue in a thumbnail style which also aids navigation to the page you are looking for.

IKEA have also handily given us a search box so if you happen to know the product number or title, it should take you directly to where you need to go. The two greyed boxes are also a useful feature. They indicate the other IKEA catalogues they produce, for IKEA Bedroom furniture, the IKEA Kitchen range, the IKEA Besta range,  and the IKEA Bathroom range.


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From: Mark W. [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 16 December 2014 17:58
To: Loria
Subject: Re:
Hi Loria,
Many thanks for all your hard work on this...

...I can confirm that all the boxes had my name on them as I checked through everything before I started unpacking. I was impressed that you put all of the beds and sofas in relevant piles so there was little need for me to work out what went with what although I have put enough IKEA furniture together to be able to do it blindfold with one hand tied behind my back now.

Once again, many thanks for all your support and arranging the refund etc. I have my own mystery to solve now as the spatula in the draw makes sense, but the keys ?, absolutely no idea what they are or where they have come from.
Have a great Christmas and New Year and all the best for now.

Mark W.
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