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          公司简介-company profile

          启达广告注重技术创新和严格的质量管理,在业内率先通过ISO9001:2015质量管理体系认证、环境保护认证。并先后服务近百家知名企业,成为众多大型集团企业指定供应商,长期主要有:香江集团、东呈集团、广汽集团、省广集团、农商银行、工商银行、广州南站、澳门机场、米其林轮胎、白云机场、南方航空等。我们的工程项目遍布全国,优秀工程质量及服务一直受到客户的好评。启达广告团结一心争做建筑与标识和谐的倡导者、 LED节能推广的施实者、标识与环境保护的先行者。 
          Company Background
          The Qida Advertising Limited Company of Guangzhou was founded in 2001. The company, also known as Qida Orient, and is situated within the High Tech Golden Valley Creativity Park of the Guangzhou High Tech Industrial Development District, located on 99 Science Blvd, Science Zone.  
          Qida Orient’s primary products and services include various indoor/outdoor signs, boutique/specialty storefront logo and image advertising, billboards and landmarks, LED signs, lightboxes, 3D characters and icons, etc. The company has design, production, making, alteration, installation, maintenance and distribution capabilities, thus is a full-service, turn-key advertisement company. 
          Our company currently employs a team of over 50 staff, including professionally designers, model/mold crafting techs, welders, electricians, numerically actuated machine operators and master painters. Our manufacturing facility is located in Guangzhou Yonghe Economic Development District Xintang Xinwei Industrial Park , with over 1,000 square meters of state of the art warehouse operations area. Among our stock of advanced machinery, tools and equipments are automated blister machine, automated engravers, laser engravers, automated digital cutter, laser welder, large capacity bender,  Overall, our team of experienced staff, paired with advanced technology allow the company to offer superior products and services that established an excellent reputation both domestically and abroad. 
          Qida Orient has a showroom located at the intersection of Zhongshan Blvd and Chebie Rd , at the junction of the Guangzhou subway #4 and #5 lines. Available at our showroom are the displays of various samples of our products to be examined and experienced. 
          Our company’s products are guided by the needs of the market, and our services are rooted in quality and efficiency. Thus, our motto is: What changes is the technology, not our service. Quality is our foundation, service is the extension.  From design, production to installation and maintenance, your brand will be guided with our attentive support. At this juncture, with principles of integrity and honest cooperation, and an attitude of openness and practicality, we would like to extend a welcome to potential customers from all over to join us in creating future successes.



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